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The Plumbing Lady

The Official Website of Not Just Any Plumber

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The Challenge

The Plumbing Lady was founded in 2007 by Ronelle Pagel. The story goes that she had phoned a plumber to assist her with a leaking tap. When the plumbers arrived, not only did they not fix the tap, they also damaged Ronelle's sink. They also demanded payment before they left.
That was when The Plumbing Lady decided to take matters into her own hands.

Their exisiting website was in need of a modern refresh.

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The Plumbing Lady Image
The Plumbing Lady Image
The Plumbing Lady Image
The Solution

We decided to break down entirely and re-asses what their vision and message was that they would like to communicate to their customers. We followed a “KISS” approach.
With clear call-to-actions so clients would know exactly what to do when the unexpected happened.

The Plumbing Lady Image The Plumbing Lady Image The Plumbing Lady Image
What the
Client Says:

“Since I have had very bad experiences with “website builders”, I asked Baloo Digital to have a look and give me suggestions. And this was precisely what they did. They came forward with excellent ideas for our website, provided excellent content suggestions and basically did a fantastic job. The result was excellent, keeping our message clear and to the point. ”

Chris Pagel
Director, The Plumbing Lady.

Project Details

The Plumbing Lady team were incredible to work with on this project. They always went above and beyond to make the process go smoothly. A special thanks to Chris Pagel for spending time with me to understand all the tech lingo.

User Experience and Interface Design

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