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Stéfan Kunz

Owner & Founder of Baloo Digital.


Branch Manager

Our Story

At Baloo Digital we believe that many visionaries struggle to deliver their message clearly to their market. Not having your marketing and branding material be aligned with your exciting venture causes confusion and uncertainty.

When visionaries find someone who can help them develop and deliver their message clearly and effectively, their brand starts getting the respect & recognition it deserves. Just spending a bit of time to analyse and create something fantastic can separate you from the rest of the market.

We provide you with clear and professional marketing & branding assets, because every visionary deserves to have their exciting and innovative ideas be shared with the world.

Guiding Principles

Our Mission

We will have provided half of the new start-ups in Pretoria with a website and clear marketing material by 2026, because everyone deserves to have their vision be shared.

Key Characteristics

Sense of Humour
We believe that laughter is the best medicine.

Dedicated to Problem Solving
Flip every rock & quest to any mountain-top to find solutions to problems.

Cool Under Pressure
When the pawpaw hits the fan, we will stay cool cucumbers.

Critical Actions

We Listen
We listen attentively because we believe everyone deserves to be heard.

We Learn
We approach experiences with a learning mindset and acknowledge that there is always much to learn.

We Do
We are disciplined to deal with our responsibilities then and there.

I’m Stéfan

I am a self-taught designer from Pretoria, South Africa.

I’ve always known that I needed to be in design but unfortunately and honestly, I was under the impression that design was reserved for those who could illustrate, draw and paint really well.

In 2019, shortly after graduating my Bachelors of Commerce (Bcom) in Marketing Management, I was introduced to User Experience and Interface design by a close friend and saw my opportunity.

I have pursued this career path with my entire being.

I scouwered the web for resources. I attended workshops & seminars. Enrolled in Udemy, Youtube and Skillshare courses and Interaction Design Foundation classes. I taught myself HTML & CSS, shadowed at Infinite Reality (thanks guys) on my off days and hunted for clients to do work for, all while working 6 days a week (sometimes 10) as a Sales Consultant for Déonne le Roux Jewellers.

I finally managed to get myself in, and the fun has only just begun.


We are extremely fortunate with the tools and technologies we have available today. It has allowed the job market to change, in what I believe to be more positive. People have been given power and the ability to run an entire business from their own homes.

The design industry is living proof of that. Gone are the days of having to have everyone sitting under one roof picking their noses. Now is the time for all walks of life to reach out, communicate and solve problems together.

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