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Audio Culture Mastering

Online Audio
Remastering Service

The Challenge

Audio Culture Mastering is an online audio & music mastering service.
The process is simple:
1. You upload your unmastered recordings
2. The experts at Audio Culture do their thing
3. Your song comes to life.

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The Solution

With the help of a dream client, we were able to deliver a product that exceeded expectations. Both in physicality and in time frame.

We tested many integrations, forms and webhooks and finally came to an easy-to-use system for not only the customer, but for the client who uses it.

What the
Client Says:

“Baloo Digital guided me through the website design process with expert precision, and helped me put together exactly what I envisioned as the end product. They also helped me solve complicated issues with my funnel, smoothing out the customer interaction, and in turn helping me push productivity for my business. ”

Jaco Naudé
Audio Culture Online Mastering

Project Details

The client was terrific. He was involved, provided required material without hesitation, kind, patient and just as excited as we were.

Client Acquisition

User Experience & Interface Design

Logo & Branding